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If you really want to find the best heat and air near me school to become a certified heating and cooling contractor that is able to service, maintain and repair all types of heat pumps and HVAC systems but are not sure where to start, do not worry.

I have prepared this article here today to help guide you on how to find and choose the best heating and air conditioning training schools in the United States as well as the top 5 heating systems and central air system schools in the nation.

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So with no more delays, let’s get started!

How To Find The Best HVAC Tech Schools In The United States

HVAC technician schools are the avenues through which students are enrolled, trained and taught to become HVAC technicians. After receiving this training, the technicians will be responsible for repairing, servicing and installing heating and cooling equipment. One should know how to effectively find quality HVAC technician schools in your area no matter where you live in the United States.

Steps For Find The Best Heating & Air Schools:

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1. First of all, you need to have a good look at the programs the schools normally offer. The courses offered should include all the technical training required for one to be able to repair, service and install heating and cooling equipment.

2. You should also have a look at the fees these schools charge for the specific programs they offer. This is a huge factor because you need to enroll in a school that charges a tuition fee that you can afford with ease. Also, check if you can access financial aid.

3. The next thing you need to look at when trying to find quality HVAC technician schools is the minimum GPA required for admission. The higher the minimum GPA for a school, the better the training program the school offers. Keenly check on these details for they matter a lot on the kind of training.

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4. Another factor you should consider is the period required to complete the program. You will realize that different programs normally run for different periods of time. Ensure that you go for a program that fits your time frame and one that you will be able to complete without a lot of pressure. You can also choose to study online in accredited institutions.

Now that you know the proper steps to take to find the best heating and cooling school for you, let’s now look at the 5 best heating and air schools in the USA.

Top 5 HVAC Repair Schools In The United States

1. Altierus Career College

Altierus Career College

This school has an HVAC training program that one can complete in just nine months. This program involves hands-on training where students are able to learn through blueprints and designs for proper installation and repair of heating and cooling systems. 

This further includes installing effective electrical wirings and controls ad also improving efficiency. On completion of this program, students usually have sat for a professional certification exam which will further boost their chances of getting employed and attracting a good salary. 

The total tuition cost for this program is $2,729. Students are usually issued with certificates at their Houston campuses and Tampa, FL.

2. Cabel County Technological Center

Cabel County Technological Center logo

This is one of the best schools that offer HVAC programs in the USA. That school suits best those students who are looking to enter the job market quickly. This is because they are able to offer proper training to students learning to become HVAC technicians. 

The HVAC technician program offered in this school is able to give students the technical skills and knowledge needed for one to have a successful HVAC career. There is a wide range of foundation topics that are usually taught in this program. They include tubing and piping, basic electrical systems, fundamentals of air conditioning and refrigeration among many others. 

This school also offers HVAC technical advanced program for the students who have already completed HVAC training and certification. This awesome program normally gives students the opportunity of earning an NCCER certification. The overall tuition cost for this program in this school is $2,700.

3. The University of Cincinnati-Main Campus

University of Cincinnati Main Campus

This is also one of the best HVAC schools in the USA that offers incredible programs. This school offers about four online training programs that can help you achieve your desired goal. They include the following; 

  • HVACR controls/building automation system
  • HVACR certified technician 
  • HVACR technician-NATE service core (English or Spanish) 

All these programs are usually completed in around six to twelve months. The HVACR certified technician program usually takes the longest period of them all being 12 months. 

This program is usually all-inclusive where thorough training is able to cover the necessary knowledge and skills you will require in this profession and this field of work. The tuition that is charged by the school for this program is $9,322 which is inclusive of all exam vouchers and certifications.

4. Northern Michigan University

University of Northern Michigan University logo

This is another school that is well known for providing the best HVAC programs in the United States of America. The good thing about this school is that it is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. 

It has the capacity of training students to become qualified HVAC technicians who can repair and service heating, refrigeration, ventilation, AC repairs, ducting and many other activities that a qualified HVAC technician should handle. The students on completion of this course can easily handle repairing heating and cooling equipment in big establishments such as hospitals, grocery stores, shopping malls among many other places. 

This program takes the student about two years to complete. The student will have to complete forty-four credits all with a minimum of 2.0 GPA. Normally, there is no given GPA requirement for one to be admitted. Normally, students can take advantage of the Academic and Career advisement Center tutoring to help them out. 

The tuition fee one has to pay this school in order to undergo through this program is $9,330.

5. Ferris State University

Ferris State University HVAC program

This is one of the best schools offering HVAC programs in the US. Students will be able to undergo programs such as an associate degree in HVACR technology. This program normally takes the student about two years to complete and the student earns a bachelor of science in HVACR Engineering Technology and Energy Management. 

The entire coursework for this program is available on the online platform and is accredited by the higher learning commission. You can get it on the web platform blackboard learn where enrolled students can effectively have access to it. 

The student will also be able to access an online writing center academic advising, tutoring to assist them in their studies progress. The minimum GPA for those wishing to apply for this program is 2.5 for one to get admitted. Additionally enrolled students should actually attain a minimum of 2.0 GPA for the 124 credits which are the minimum requirements for one to graduate. The total tuition cost that a student requires to go through this program is $1,144.


You now have all the best steps to take to find quality and trustworthy HVAC schools in your area as well as 5 of the best schools to choose from in the entire nation.  So if you really want to become one of the best heat and central air contractors in your area, you now know the first step to take.

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